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  1. Emily

From the recording Nowhere or Now Here?

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[Verse 1]

Oh Emily
I see you in the crowd
Oh Emily
I know it’s lonely and loud
Oh Emily
In a world of your own
Oh Emily
I see your skin and bones

[Verse 2]
I don’t know just where I’m going
I don’t know just where you’ve been
But I feel like somethings showing
So I won’t look back again

With open arms (I’m waiting)
My heart is disarmed
Oh Emily, I know
When you hold me down,
You make my dark skies bright


[Verse 3]
Oh Emily,
I see you in the crowd
Oh Emily
What better time than now?
Oh Emily
Please put down your phone
Oh Emily
So cold I nearly froze


And when I’m with her,
I swear I feel no pain
And when she’s here
Oh she’s here to stay
Oh Emily! My love
You keep me so sane
So won’t you please just stay?
Oh Emily!! (When you’re lonely I’ll be)


[Outro x2]
Don’t say I didn’t try
Don’t say I didn’t mean it
Don’t say not tonight
I know you didn’t mean it