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  1. Hopeless

From the recording Nowhere or Now Here?

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Hey, hey, hey, hey!!

[Verse 1]

All your lies,
I see right through your eyes,
You got me walking on hot coals that are on fire
You filthy little liar

Singing woah woah woah
Singing woah woah woah
Singing woah woah woah
1 2 3 4!

You make me feel like I’m hopeless
Cut this cord cuz baby I’m choking
In the Night! She’s Alive!
And I’m all alone

[Pre verse]
All alone… All Alone.
Hey Hey Hey Hey!

[Verse 2]

No surprise,
I’ve seen it a hundred times,
Like a boomerang, you will be back
You can quote me on that

[Pre chorus]


I’m all alone, I’m all alone!!
I’ve seen it in your eyes,
I’ve seen all of your lies
Hey, Hey Hey!!


[Chorus 2]
I got down on my knees and begged (hey hey hey)
Solipisistic so I’m left for dead, dead, screaming at the top of my head



Hey Hey Hey!!