Sup Sojoürners, TIME TO RISE

So does drinking with a pinky raised mean your an elitist? Well according to google it does. Which has to beg a question, if I can't help the habit of drinking with a raised pinky, does this mean we are egotistical headcases? Well, quite possibly. But what if your just self-confident in your drinking methods? Who are these ultracrepidarians (yes I know that word) that somehow can "accurately" assess our personality? Does somehow drinking with a raised pinky mean we fail some "egocentric" test according to you? Truthfully in an age of ultra political correctness, I find myself slightly offended. However, in the overall scheme of things, I could truthfully care less than the ridiculous words of dilettantes who have no worthwhile insight of style or "swag." 

Am I sounding cynical? Am I sounding narcissistic? Well probably yes. However, in an age of status driven millennials, I really don't seem to give a fuck anymore. Everyone seems to only have close-minded beliefs without taking in the consideration of other thoughts.  I mean have you heard what "modern rock" today sounds like? HELLO PEOPLE, IF YOU CONSIDER THE LUMINEERS TO BE " NEW AGE ROCK" JUST GO AHEAD AND CALL NINE INCH NAILS "THE FOUNDERS OF DUBSTEP." At the end of the day, nothing seems to matter and I am constantly baffled by some peoples assumptions (even the so called "critics" who act like we really give a shit what they say.) LOL.

I constantly observe certain situations and gain some utility off of it, but in some situations, such as when someone makes a impolite comment at a time when it doesn't fucking make a difference, I constantly wonder.. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? WHAT ARE THEY REALLY TRYING TO SAY? I have grown accustomed to just shrugging it aside and playing it cool, because maybe when I give some bullshit advice, they are thinking the same thing (WHAT DOES IT MEAN?)

Moral of the story, if it feels good, it is good (unless it's a serious offense, and for that you're on your own bud.)

"If you fall, I will always be there"- The Floor 


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