Greetings to all,

Been a while since we have posted here. We have been busy on the streets of Athens and Atlanta slinging the rock and roll. For instance, our show for the Spring Thing Athens Music Festival was at the highly reputable Foundry in Athens yesterday. We played alongside many good bands that we expect to play alongside in the Summer of '17. While we're on this subject, feel free to check out the live video of us playing our set on Sojoürn's Facebook. Live and uncut, nothin more rock and roll than that. 

Anyway that was last week, this week could mark one of the biggest weeks in Sojoürn's short but lustrous existence. We start with our upcoming merchandise that is on the way. We got a heavy load of shirts and hats coming in hot so go ahead and grab a pre-order now! You can be one of the first to wear the legendary Trioctopus. Isn't it cool to be first in something?

Other than that, we are performing at one of Atlanta's launching spots the Masquerade. It will be going down this Thursday (4-27) and we are playing with some of the best from the ATL. This is easily our most important show of the year so WE WANT YOU TO BE THERE. Nothing gives us more joy than playing in front of our lovely Sojoürners. All you gotta do is click right here and you will have one of the best experiences of your life. 

So merch and show got it? Good, we knew you could pay attention. Be a vital part to our cause and lets RISE FOR THURSDAY!! 




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