Whats good Sojoürners,

Just got back to the ATL area after a fun weekend in our motherland, Athens, Ga.  Our time was well spent chilling poolside with an excess of day drinking, little caesars, binge watching The Sopranos and  of course making some solid music. Athfest was going down but sadly we couldn't attend or better yet play :( One of these days though, just gotta stay committed and patient and keep up the good music that is bestowed upon our grasps.  Loyal fans always help too cough cough! Jk yall are loyal and for that you rock.

The main reason we went to Athens however was not for the poolside chillin or The Sopranos (both of which we don't necessarily need Athens for anyway..) but it was to play at a gig at the Boars Head. The Boars Head holds a special place in the heart of Sojoürn, as it is the bar that we have always rocked out. I will always remember being blacked out and having the bar sing the classics.  Anyway you can find our drunken performance at Sojoürn's Facebook, just find the clip that starts BARTENDER BY REHAB, not by Akon (I still don't understand why people ask if that's the bartender we cover, like we can really cover Akon.)  What you find in that hour and 15 minute video is just a bunch of good people having a good time and a good place. That's good with me. 


Anyway, we are going full electric this Saturday at Boars Head. It's going to simply kick ass. We'll be doing a mix of originals with some classics that stand the test of time. Come on out and make some noise for your boys from Sojoürn! 


Quote: "Look, I was a kid once. I remember being grounded a whole week and not being allowed to go to my best friend's bachelor party."- Hugh Neutron