RISE! Welcome and thanks for coming by. We are Sojoürn an American Hard Rock/Alternative Band out of Athens Ga. Led by Robert Norris (vocals) Alex Edrington (guitar) Brock Edrington (bass) and Morgan Decker (drums), we are going "all in" on our musical mission and hope you will join us. FIND US COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU! All our original material is written by our songwriting duo of Lead Singer Robert Oliver Norris and Lead Guitar Alex Edrington.  


Whats up Sojoürners,


As you can see in the title, WE GOT SOME BIG THINGS GOING YOUR WAY. Lots of upcoming shows and WE NEED YOU THERE! Support your local music scene and be apart of a new musical revolution (epic I know.,)



10/18 at Good Ole Days Bar and Grill (Cumming, GA) : An unplugged "Acoustic" show featuring our friend Will Barron on his raging cajòn and dropping some 3 part harmonies with us. Hang out with us from 9-11 at the iconic bar of Cumming Ga.

10/21 at Little Kings (Athens, Ga): A great event that is going for a great cause and helping the Madison Oglethorpe Animal Shelter against animal abuse. Join Sojoürn at Little Kings as we tag with some of Athens finest bands by the names of Sacred Hollow, Wolves Among Ravens, and Quigg and the Boys. The party starts at  Nothing like going back to our stomping ground in Athens, HOW BOUT THEM DAWGS BABY.

10/27 at Al Bums Record Shop (Acworth, Ga): We'll be supporting Ashes Fall for their record release party! Congrats dudes, we are proud of ya. Sojoürn and Ashes Fall have struck up quite a friendship since playing at the Masquerade back in April. Stop by and say hello and purchase a record or two.

11/3 at Sweetwater Bar and Grill (Atl, GA): A good ole Friday Night throwdown with our fellow Athens natives Sacred Hollow. RISE

11/14 at The World Famous (Athens, Ga): Going unplugged with all the feels once again. We'll be playing with Teri Quinn and our boy Adam Jaco's band SEE BRIGHT LIGHTS. Kick it with us and represent one of the best music scenes in all of the nation. ATHENS, GA BABY!!



Rocking out like a hurricane  



Coming to you from the Edrington Dungeon, just found out our boy DJ Evan Brando just gave us a spin on 99x! Click here to check it out!!! WE LOVE OUR LOCAL RADIO, nothing like bucking the mainstream ay? Hope yall are staying safe during Hurricane Irma.  The wind is pretty crazy in our neck of the woods. We can only imagine how the Sojoürners in FL are holding up and are praying for their safety. For them, we rock with pride and fury and determination. Anyway, more stuff coming in the future. Such as new music, shows, and merch. 







Whats good Sojoürners,

Just got back to the ATL area after a fun weekend in our motherland, Athens, Ga.  Our time was well spent chilling poolside with an excess of day drinking, little caesars, binge watching The Sopranos and  of course making some solid music. Athfest was going down but sadly we couldn't attend or better yet play :( One of these days though, just gotta stay committed and patient and keep up the good music that is bestowed upon our grasps.  Loyal fans always help too cough cough! Jk yall are loyal and for that you rock.

The main reason we went to Athens however was not for the poolside chillin or The Sopranos (both of which we don't necessarily need Athens for anyway..) but it was to play at a gig at the Boars Head. The Boars Head holds a special place in the heart of Sojoürn, as it is the bar that we have always rocked out. I will always remember being blacked out and having the bar sing the classics.  Anyway you can find our drunken performance at Sojoürn's Facebook, just find the clip that starts BARTENDER BY REHAB, not by Akon (I still don't understand why people ask if that's the bartender we cover, like we can really cover Akon.)  What you find in that hour and 15 minute video is just a bunch of good people having a good time and a good place. That's good with me. 


Anyway, we are going full electric this Saturday at Boars Head. It's going to simply kick ass. We'll be doing a mix of originals with some classics that stand the test of time. Come on out and make some noise for your boys from Sojoürn! 


Quote: "Look, I was a kid once. I remember being grounded a whole week and not being allowed to go to my best friend's bachelor party."- Hugh Neutron


Greetings to all,

Been a while since we have posted here. We have been busy on the streets of Athens and Atlanta slinging the rock and roll. For instance, our show for the Spring Thing Athens Music Festival was at the highly reputable Foundry in Athens yesterday. We played alongside many good bands that we expect to play alongside in the Summer of '17. While we're on this subject, feel free to check out the live video of us playing our set on Sojoürn's Facebook. Live and uncut, nothin more rock and roll than that. 

Anyway that was last week, this week could mark one of the biggest weeks in Sojoürn's short but lustrous existence. We start with our upcoming merchandise that is on the way. We got a heavy load of shirts and hats coming in hot so go ahead and grab a pre-order now! You can be one of the first to wear the legendary Trioctopus. Isn't it cool to be first in something?

Other than that, we are performing at one of Atlanta's launching spots the Masquerade. It will be going down this Thursday (4-27) and we are playing with some of the best from the ATL. This is easily our most important show of the year so WE WANT YOU TO BE THERE. Nothing gives us more joy than playing in front of our lovely Sojoürners. All you gotta do is click right here and you will have one of the best experiences of your life. 

So merch and show got it? Good, we knew you could pay attention. Be a vital part to our cause and lets RISE FOR THURSDAY!! 



Life with Sojoürn in our musical universe.  

RISE! Welcome to Sojoürn's first post! Now that we finally got our band site working (as far as we know), it feels good to finally get back to the music! So what have we been doing you may ask? Well we've been working with digital distributors to make sure Sojoürn can be brought to you anywhere at anytime. We have recently started a soundcloud page for the underground music users, all you gotta do is follow this link (Click here for our soundcloud page!) Ah, it feels good to promote, but it feels better when you totally believe the cause! 

Spotify is wells on its way too. Yes, we went mainstream with the digital world. Sadly the age of CDS are dying (something I used to love to collect as a young lad) but we are really aiming for our music to reach as many ears as possible (including yours :-))) One thing going on though is that our Spotify music is listed under the wrong band Sojourn. Ahem, we are Sojoürn (notice the u) and hopefully we can keep this name! Every day brings another battle, another mission, and it is our opportunity to seize for what you dream!

Anyway, since this is really our first blog, I don't know what else to put so I will leave you with this wonderful Irish Blessing
"May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door."


Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday ALEX - RISE! 

RISE .... and be THANKFUL ..... Sojoürn and Rest Awhile.... 
Thanksgiving weekend
and we have SO MUCH to be Thankful for.  Sojoürn after having that awesome show last weekend  at http://www.40watt.com/ still gotta keep going forward and perfecting our sound. We had an killer rehearsal with the guys up in Athens during Alex's last semester in school, http://uga.edu/ before moving back home for a couple of days to get well fed, loved on and laundered by the mommsies. Yay Turkey Day!!!

Thanksgiving is always a great time to be with those we love and who truly love us. The parents...  or as some might say "the chains around your ankles" until you've managed to a) runaway b) obtain a stable job and stable income c) die d) turn 18." http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=parents well, we have surpassed the definition here but we are musicians and yay they are still our parents and we can't live without them . Ok, So lets get real, they may have, for their first choice, have chosen for us all a more secure career but here we are...  Sojourn Touring Band ..... But, no matter what aggravation, late nights and concerns as to how we are going to pay our bills through life.... here they are ...still loving us.  THANK YOU PARENTS.  You guys are the bomb!

Also, really thankful for an amazing cool photo shoot we had this weekend at Sawnee Mountain. http://www.sawneemountain.org/  
Thankyou Mountain you did us good and Proud......  oh by the Way...that's where we started .... we are Thankful for our Lead Guitarist  Alex Edrington .. Happy Birthday Dude!!!!....   RISE..... and Lets all be Thankful.....


Final Edit and Master Complete 

Totally stoked the final edit of NOWHERE NOW HERE is complete and the tracks are back from Gateway Studios where President and Chief Mastering Engineer Bob Ludwig is a 10x Grammy Award Winner

His mastering credits are extensive, and include albums for many major classic artists, such as the Kronos Quartet, Steve Reich and rock acts, including Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Phish, Megadeth, Metallica, Gloria Estefan, Nirvana, The Strokes, Queen, U2, Guns N’ Roses, Tool, Simple Minds, Bryan Ferry, Tori Amos, Bonnie Raitt, Beck, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, the Bee Gees, Madonna, Supertramp, Will Ackerman, Pet Shop Boys, Radiohead, Elton John, Disney’s “Frozen” soundtrack and Daft Punk to name a few.

.  Ok .. so we couldn't  afford to have him personally master but he trained  his Master Engineer ADAM AYAN and his credits include more of our Rock Influences and we really like that because ..

His credits are diverse and exemplary – including recordings for superstar artists such as Paul McCartney, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, Lana del Rey, Shakira, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, the Foo Fighters, the Rolling Stones, Barbra Streisand, Kelly Clarkson, Juan Luis Guerra, Rush, Rascal Flatts, Pearl Jam, The Animals, and Keith Urban to name a few. 

He has mastered many award winning recordings, including 33 Grammy Award winners. He has also won a Grammy Award, 4 Latin Grammy Awards, and a TEC (Technical Excellence and Creativity) Award himself. He has mastered over 100 Gold/Platinum/Multi-Platinum recordings to date, and many #1 singles and albums. 

He is passionate about music, the art of mastering, and bringing every project to its fullest sonic potential..http://www.gatewaymastering.com/

... ...AND he gets us!!!!   As we said REALLY REALLY TOTALLY STOKED



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